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​Bayside offers transitional, temporary housing to individuals and families who are without a home or in a risky, unsafe housing situation.  If that's you or someone you care about, we hope we can help.  Bayside provides a private bedroom/living space and bathroom, as well as in-unit mini-fridges and microwaves.  A healthy, warm meal is provided daily. There’s a community room for projects, gathering, and online research to which guests will have access again at some point in the future, to be determined.  Because of Covid-19 the common space is not available at this time.  We'll share more details about this when you contact us. 


Here are a few basic things to know:  

Safety is our number one priority.  That means background checks for everyone (staff included), an in-person interview so you and the Bayside Housing Manager can explore if it's a good fit, there's security staff and a camera system, Covid-19 safety processes, a door to lock behind you at night and a caring staff.

Housing agreements are for up to 28 days at a time.  Our Housing Manager will consider your personal situation and factors too numerous to list here; the process will be explained in your initial interview.  We are here to help but your engagement in seeking permanent housing is an important factor.  Because of the shortage of permanent housing the average stay is 8 months.

Priority is given to seniors, veterans, and people in the workforce who need housing in order to retain employment.   Your safety is always a powerful consideration. 

We offer personalized case management that includes assistance with filling out housing applications, scheduling and transportation for medical appointments, navigating other social services that are related to independent living and securing long-term housing.  Life enrichment activities such as an art group and yoga classes are currently on hold due to health concerns. 


Bayside Housing is for individuals and families, up to 2 adults and 2 children.

Applicants must be low-income (up to 80% of Area Median Income) to be considered; most Bayside client households are closer to 30% of AMI.

If you'd like to apply to Bayside, please just click the button below and fill out the online form.  It's very important to fill out all of the information as much as possible.  Our housing manager will contact you so please double check the accuracy of your contact information.


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