Bayside Housing & Services (BHS) provides temporary lodging to low-income people in Jefferson County. Guests can sign lodging agreements for up to 28 days at a time, and can renew at the discretion of BHS staff depending on a number of factors including engagement level of the guest in finding a permanent housing solution.

Units consist of a private bedroom/living space and bathroom, as well as in-unit mini-fridges and microwaves.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Individual must be on a "low income" level (income less than $36,550 per year) and a single adult age 21 years of age or older. Lower incomes increase eligibility. Two adults who are a couple will be considered and two children is the maximum family occupants.

2. Individual must have some monthly income and the ability to prove it: this may include DSHS/Social Security (SS disability or retirement income); VA/other pension; or steady wages from employment. Proof of income is required and will be used to determine room charges, which will be no more than 30% of adjusted income.

3. Must have current State-issued ID (actual card) and must consent to a Washington State Background Check. We are unable to serve those whose records include crimes against persons.

4. Must be in need of temporary housing in order to retain or obtain employment or training program. If not employment bound, must be at risk of homelessness, currently homeless, or living in substandard conditions.

5. Individual must be able to understand, able to follow, and agree to adhere to all Guest Rules at all times (Example: No smoking in building; smoking outside in designated areas only)

6. Person should be willing to be linked to medical insurance, if not already. Person should be open to utilizing community resources through referrals provided by housing staff.

7. Must be able and agree to immediately report any repair maintenance needs or safety/security concerns to housing staff.

Eligibility Prioritization
• Senior Citizen at risk of homelessness/currently homeless
• Underemployed/low-wage worker needing housing in order to retain job

• US Military Veteran

How to refer someone for potential housing at Bayside:

Fill out the Guest Referral/Application Form with as much information as possible. Be willing to act as a liaison with the person you are referring if they do not have a reliable phone number or email address. BHS staff will set an interview with the person you are referring, and possibly with you as well if you are their case manager. Submit the form by pressing the submit button. Or, if you are using a printed form,Mail in the form or scan/email the form to Housing Manager, gretchen@baysidehousing.org.

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