Help Bayside by Emailing Your Representatives

Since the pandemic, the Bayside wait list for rooms has more than doubled and is still increasing. In addition, we are receiving dozens of calls from frightened renters & lessees who expect to be evicted once the eviction moratorium has concluded (Dec. 31st 2020)

Once these people are evicted, they will still owe the back rent from previous months and most likely will be turned over to collection. This is where the issue becomes critical. Once they are in the credit bureau system, as being delinquent or not paying their rent, they will for years not be able to qualify for housing, as all apartment owners and managers check the applicants credit report. This credit issue will only exacerbate the current housing and homelessness crisis we are facing. 

We are asking you to join us at Bayside Housing & Services in emailing District Representatives and State Legislators urging them to prohibit landlords and creditors from reporting their eviction notices to the credit bureaus any non-payment information due to the the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Follow these steps to contact representatives:

each underlined section will link you to the appropriate contact pages

  • Copy this letter to paste into the message box of the contact forms. Make sure to edit in the legislators and your names.

  • If needed, you can find your district, both legislative and congressional, on this map

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