When there's less, give more

Bayside guests’ initial stay can be up to 28 days with options for renewal. Engagement level in finding a permanent housing solution is one influencing factor. Affordable housing in Jefferson County is so limited, the average stay is now over 200 days .


20 rooms at the Old Alcohol Plant are set aside for Bayside guests. The “room” is a private residence that consists of a private bedroom,, living space and bathroom, as well as in room microwave ovens. Guests share a community room for projects, socializing, online research and job hunting Family rooms are outfitted with trundle beds or bunk beds to accommodate a family of up to four.  Priority is given to seniors, veterans and people in the workforce who need housing in order to retain employment.


Applicants must be low income (up to 80% of Area Median Income) to be considered. Most Bayside households are closer to 30% of AMI. Their median monthly income is $758.  All applicants are screened carefully and recieve a personal interview before acceptance with utmost consideration given to maintaining a safe place for everyone.


Personalized Case Management is provided including assistance filling out housing applications, scheduling and transportation for medical appointments, navigating other social services that are related to independent living and securing long-term housing.


Response to Covid-19 impact on housing need.  In April of 2020 the already challenging housing crisis got worse.  Shelters were closing for safety reasons and the need for transitional housing soared.  In spite of fewer resources provided by the Old Alcohol Plant, Bayside expanded with an additional 10 rooms!  The community responded generously with additional donations and community grant support.  An amazing testimony to the communities willingness to help sustain this haven of safety for so many who need help finding a safe place to call home. 


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