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Frequently Asked Questions

Operation and Programming


Q: How do you determine a resident’s acceptance or rejection to Bayside’s transitional housing program?


A: We validate the suitability of each resident and staff member by putting every candidate through a thorough background check using a third-party service.


Q: How do you ensure safety for residents and staff?


A: Bayside Housing & Services and Peter’s Place requires all residents to adhere to a strict code of conduct, which includes zero-tolerance policies to maintain the highest degree of safety. You can view the Bayside Housing & Services Guest Policies here [KM1] and the Peter’s Place Code of Conduct here[KM2] .

Q: How is safety monitored?  


A: We employ security staff and camera systems for the safety of all residents and staff. Organization, operational and program safety are reviewed regularly.



Funding and Finances


Q: How do I know Bayside is using its finances and funding responsibly?


A: We voluntarily request an audit of Bayside that is independent from the State of Washington on an annual basis using Aiken & Sanders, Inc. PS to conduct the process. We publish the audit findings on our website annually, in addition to our yearly IRS 990 forms. You can find all our financial information and reports here



Community Involvement


Q: What is Bayside’s involvement with the Jefferson County Fairgrounds?


A: We have a contract with Jefferson County to provide one (1) meal daily to those in need and living at the fairgrounds, as well as some assistance from our Case Manager. We do not own the Jefferson County Fairgrounds and we are not responsible for the operation and maintenance of the property. You can read specific contract details here[KM6] .


Q: What is Bayside’s connection to the Cherry Street project?


A: We are not in formal conversations concerning the Cherry Street property. We are always looking for opportunities to provide much-needed affordable and transitional housing for our community. You can read more about this discussion in the Port Townsend City Council Special Business Meeting agenda and meeting minutes from Sept. 28, 2020 where they voted to entertain a conversation with us regarding the property. 

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