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Transitional Supportive Housing where everyone's dignity is respected and strengthened - with permanent housing coming soon!


Bayside Housing & Services has recently merged with JC MASH and opened a 2nd medical advocacy clinic! For more information about JC MASH visit online here...


Bayside Housing & Services aims to strengthen community through housing, advocacy, and human services supporting social and economic independence.

Over 63,000 safe and warm nights of housing provided to date!

53-55% of program participants move to long term housing

Over 22,000 hot and nutritious
meals provided, and counting!

From our Participants

Hear from past participant, Danny, about what Bayside meant for him and the steps he took to get back on his feet.

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"Being here has allowed us the opportunity for building a foundation for our future, along with support and direction in placing applications for housing.  We made more progress in 3 months than in over a year and a half prior.  Not having to change campground regularly, worry about storing food, worry about our belongings while we are looking for work and being presentable for work... or safety in general.  All this has been a huge blessing here at Bayside."


"I never thought I'd be homeless and yet, I was.  Everyone here is so kind and has such a generosity of spirit.  The meals are great.  I just can't say enough good things about Bayside.  It's a place to heal.  I'll be moving to senior permanent housing when it's available. "


"I actually feel like a person again. I am able to use the restroom when I need to. A hot shower, or get a meal. Everything about it (Bayside) is very healing. The property itself, and the flowers and the raspberries. It's really a wonderful opportunity"


"Bayside probably saved my life, I know it did. At Bayside I know I am safe and that support is available. That has been huge for me."

"Staying at Bayside Housing allowed me time to restore hope for my future.  I stabilized my finances, strengthened my health, and initiated a plan to secure affordable housing in Port Townsend.  I felt a camaraderie with others there in similar circumstances, and formed friendships among the  residents and the staff of Bayside and the Old Alcohol Plant, who encouraged and supported my efforts.  The efforts paid off and I have created  security and purpose in my life.   My gratitude goes out to those who were inspired to undertake the mission of Bayside and to the donors who have sustained its’ growth."

If you're without a safe home and would like to know more about Bayside, please contact our housing manager or fill out an application. 

If you have safe, stable housing and would like to help those who don't, please donate today.

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