Under our Roof

Fall Quarter 2021 | Volume 3


A Tiny House at OAP

Community Boat Project's latest build takes its home at the Old Alcohol Plant Inn

The Community Boat Project has been hard at work building the Whispering Willow Cottage! Eventually, the tiny house will be placed within a village, but for the time being it is set up in The Old Alcohol Plant parking lot for visitors to tour! Each tiny house the Community Build Project builds is incredibly unique and full of personality, highlighting some of the boat building techniques Wayne Chimenti and his team teach their interns.



Bayside Housing & Services and the Community Boat Project both see the growing need for housing, and through partnership are working to make that a priority in Jefferson County. "Everybody deserves something that is beautiful, cozy, and comfortable," Wayne stated when talking about the Whispering Willow Cottage. A growing issue for the area is keeping workers housed and able to keep Jefferson County growing and moving forward. Bayside and CBP are eager to work together in the coming months and years to develop farm worker housing and other affordable options for those in need of housing in our area.



If you would like to check out the Tiny House, it will be in the Old Alcohol Plant parking lot until mid October! Come out to take a tour and stay for a dinner at Spirits Bar & Grill.



A letter from a current resident and her child

I’ve never felt safer than I do here at my home at Bayside. I’ve never felt more loved or cared about when I do here. The employees make us feel at home, like we are a part of the family. When we have a problem, they jump to help like you would hope for any relationship. The resources and time people give and the love, compassion, guidance, and understanding without judgment is empowering and inspiring and makes us all want to have a better healthier life.

My child and I were rescued from a sad, hopeless place where we were victimized. We didn’t feel safe for so long. I am so very grateful for the secure home that my child and I along with the other the other residents at Bayside have here. We all have been through trauma and Bayside makes sure the tools to move forward.


Small things offered like art classes make community easier. I’m learning to art journal and my son comes with. Our art teacher is the most amazing woman, I swear she is an angel.

I’ve questioned if there were any good people left in this world because I wasn’t seeing any, but I found out it is because all the good people are right here at Bayside. Our Home.

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Moving On

A Successful Quarter for BHS Residents

This last quarter had a record number of move outs; in September alone, 14 residents moved into placement!

Placement means something different for each individual or family, but they were able to move onto what was the best option for them. When residents are brought in, our Case Management team works with them to develop what an exit plan will look like - an apartment, house rental, purchasing property and an rv, or moving states or counties. 

"We are not just celebrating our move outs, but also the fact that those rooms are now open for new residents in need," said Case Manager Mike Schleckser. "These move outs require work by housekeeping and maintenance staff to get the next residents in. It's a team effort".


A huge thank you to our supporters from all of us here at Bayside for being a part of our team. You help make victories like this possible! 

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Oktoberfest at the Old Alcohol Plant

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Join Spirits Bar & Grill and the Old Alcohol Plant for an Oktoberfest celebration! Saturday, October 16th, from 5 to 7 PM enjoy live music from Joel Gibson Jr, sausages from Uli's Famous Sausages, and beer from Western Red Brewing.



Tickets are $50 a person and include 3 beer tastings, a pint of your favorite, sausage tasting, and seating for music. Beer and sausage will be available for purchase to enjoy at the event or to take home!

Click below for more info and ticket purchasing!



Working for the Kids

Our New Case Managers Heart for Bayside Families

My heart lies with the children. Being a trained educator, I can’t help but notice all the wonderful learning opportunities that surround us here at Bayside. One of the things that I am looking forward to is an updated family program. I have some exciting ideas on ways to engage families and encourage growth. For example, it is my goal to create a points-based system that rewards family members for their positive actions. Taking a parenting class, consistently waking for school on time, and learning cooking and tidying skills, could all earn points for family members to exchange for “prizes” donated by our local community. What could be more wonderful than family members working together to earn a night at the Rose Theater, or a day trip of Whale Watching?


Along this vein, it has been my honor to learn more about some of the families personally. With the school season starting again, I have been busy arranging learning opportunities that meet the individual needs of each child. Coupled alongside a recent school shopping trip where a child stated, “it’s like Christmas, but for school,” my teacher heart is brimming with joy! Children who were afraid to return to school are now deeply excited, and those who have never gone are now excited to go. And though we can’t ever predict the future, I can easily say that I’m very excited for the things to come. Through it all, the only thing we can do is keep learning, and keep improving, and that is exactly what I plan to do!

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School Supplies
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